"Increased Knowledge ... Better Results"

What is Heraty Management Services?

Heraty Management Services offers a one-on-one training program for individuals who wish to aspire to a more challenging and fulfilling career.  My training programs focus on the following three elements of developing and enhancing leadership skills:

  • Strengthening Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Skills
  • Promoting Results-Oriented Leadership


        Who Should Attend These Programs?

  • Aspiring managers
  • Newly-promoted supervisors
  • Middle managers looking for advancement
  • Anyone interested in enhancing their Leadership skills
  • Those seeking help in achieving goals in management
  • Entrepreneurs        



Contact Information:

Patrick Heraty
Heraty Management Services, LLC
22 Mark Avenue
Hamburg, New York  14075

Phone: 716.422.0101

Email: pheraty7548@gmail.com  


  Perspectives on Leadership:

   “You cannot lead others until you learn to manage yourself.”  


   "Leadership is, above all, about relationships."
               The Leadership                         Challenge


    "Good is the enemy of great."
Jim Collins