Suggested Readings and Podcasts

Literature That Has Shaped My Philosophy:

 Blue Ocean Strategy (Kim, Mauborgne)

 Dare to Serve (Bachelder)

 Emotional Intelligence (Goleman)

 Execution (Bossidy and Charan)

 Forces for Good (Crutchfield and Grant)

 Good to Great (Collins)

 Good to Great in the Social Sector (Collins)

 How Remarkable Women Lead (Barsh, Cranston)

 Jack:  Straight from the Gut (Welch)

 Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner)

 Leadership is an Art (DePree)

 Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most        Successful CEOs   (Yaverbaum)

 Lean In (Sandberg)

 Lincoln on Leadership (Phillips)

 Man’s Search for Meaning (Frankl)

 One Day, All Children… (Kopp)

 Out of the Crisis (Deming)

 Plain Talk (Iverson)

 Principle-Centered Leadership (Covey)

 Reinventing Leadership (Bennis/Townsend)

 Search Inside Yourself (Chade Meng Tan)

 The Customer Comes Second (Rosenbluth)

The Energy Bus (Gordon)

 The Five Levels of Leadership (Maxwell)

 The Five Most Important Questions… (Drucker)

 The New Gold Standard (Michelli)

 The Outstanding Organization (Martin)

 The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People         (Covey)

 The Six Sigma Way (Pande, Neuman, Cavanagh)

 The Starbucks Experience (Michelli)

 The Strategist (Montgomery)

 The Winning Takes Care of Itself (Walsh)

 True North (George)

 When Fish Fly! (Michelli) 

 Wisdom for a Young CEO (Barry)

 Video Clips:

The video clips below are of Hile Rutlege speaking about different topics on the way people behave and act. 

Clip 1- Hile Rutlege on Introversion and Extroversion

Clip 2- Hile Rutlege on Sensing and Intuition

Clip 3- Hile Rutlege on Thinking and Feeling

Clip 4- Hile Rutlege on Judging and Perceiving